Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today my friend Jennifer came and taught me how to make jam. I did a bang up job if I do say so myself. The kids think it is yummy and I think that I will never look at fruit the same way again.

My Jam.

You sit them upside down till they cool enough to handle and then you flip them over.

All Gone..

There is all my jam. I still have enough berries to make another batch but I ran out of pectin. I think the sweetest sound today was listening to all the seals pop down :)

Natalie enjoyed a pretzel and was a terrific girl while we did all this. It only took us two hours to make 4 batches of jam.



What a cutie!

Great job on the jam!

rautis2 said...

so when is my jar in the mail??

Kristen Taylor said...

Mmmm... yummy! Natalie is so sweet! :)

Cristine said...

The jam looks great!

You are my giveaway winner... stop by my blog and leave me your email so I can get the gift certificate out for you. Thanks for entering! :)