Monday, July 27, 2009

Blackberry Fun

Lewis came home from his meetings very excited to tell me about a large patch of wild blackberries just off of Braddock Rd. (not far from church). We decided that some fresh jam would be fun and went to check it out after dinner. We dressed tick resistant and off we went.

There were a lot of berries. Most of the black ones were in the middle of the bushes so the adults got those and the kids stayed on the edges finding the black ones there.

This shot is fuzzy because the glass was still adjusting to the heat and humidity. 87 degrees with only about 70% humidity.

Here is Katie picking berries. Yes I do see the poison ivy in there. That was one of the reasons that we wore long pants and shirts. The kids stayed out of the big patches. I think that we avoided any rashes by wiping down with soapsies in the car and then stripping off our clothing in the foyer and washing off everyone and all the clothes as soon as we got home.

Natalie sat in her car seat most of the time.

My bucket of berries. I ended up with 12 cups of berries; which I am told will make me 2 batches of jam. Yummy!!!

Austin, Ally (Ashley's friend), Natalie, ans Ashley.

Lewis is such a dork.
I think that the plan is to go back Wednesday night to get a few more berries before we can on Thursday. Wish me luck :)

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