Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cheeky Monkey & Fun in the Park

Monkey (as I call her) is almost 16 wks old and a total chunk. We really love her and how happy she can be when she is not sad about teething. I took these today in her Bumbo chair and she was just having a good time.

I loved the worried look on her face as Katie gave her a kiss.

The kids and I took our walk alone tonight sine Lewis had an EQ meeting tonight and so we went to the park and the kids played.

Katie loves the tire swing.

Austin looking tough.

Ash and Natalie.

The kids being all cool and stuff :)



I can't believe she's already teething! It's probably right on time, but my girls teethe so late that it seems early.

I love all the new pics!

Matt and Diana said...

Christina, your family is beautiful!