Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ice Cream, a New 'Space', and a Boo-Boo

This is Woody's, a neighborhood ice cream 'trailer'. It can be found behind Carlos O'Kelly's (I know don't ask, we still haven't ventured inside yet) a local restaurant. People have been telling us about this place since we moved here and we finally drug our behinds over. To our surprise there was good reason for all the raving. It is very affordable and way yummy. We plan to visit a few more times :)

Katie found her first loose tooth while we were in ABQ. The other night she jumped up in a complete panic and proclaimed that it was time for the tooth to come out.

She was so brave and now there is a new space in her mouth. She is so excited to get a visit from the tooth fairy and to continue on the path to being a 'big girl'.

We have been taking family walks at night and Katie finally got her first bike riding boo-boo. Since she jumped up and kept riding through the tears and never gave up, Lewis gave her a ride on the motorcycle.

I love the motion that you can just feel with these pictures.

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