Monday, November 24, 2008


So.... I missed ladies night out to go and see Twilight on Friday. I had a terrible headache since Wednesday and felt bad ducking out since I figured that I would have to go and see it on my own. Well, Saturday I was totally out of sorts and Lewis, being the sweetie that he is, got a sitter and took me to dinner and a movie, of my choice. I picked Twilight and he even liked it. I think it was pretty good, but to be honest I felt a little silly watching it. The entire theatre filled with silly giggling girls made me feel like I sitting in the high school gym waiting for the assembly to start. It was a very "tween" movie and good, but I totally loved the books more.


Spencer and AnnaMarie said...

I went to an 11:45am showing on Friday morning, so I had a theater free of giggling school girls. And I LOVED it. But yes..the books still win.

Anna Allred said...

I don't think movies ever do really capture the magic of books. But at least they stayed true to the characters. We went to a 10:15pm showing and it was pretty bad too, although I think the audience we were a part of were more excited for the Harry Potter trailer!

Way to go Lewis!

aragog78 said...

I went to the midnight showing that Thursday night with some ladies from my ward. And at least they didn't kill it like they have some of the HP movies. That was sweet of Louis to take you, Doug does not want to see that movie, lol I totally agree though the books are still much better!!