Saturday, November 8, 2008

How Much Can One Family Cram Into One Day?

Well today started at about 9am and went till now (about 8:30pm). This morning Lewis and the girls went to clean the chapel and Mom, Austin and I went to take pics of the leaves and go to a very sad craft fair.
Here are a few favorites from the nature pics.

Then we went to Cost-Co and then off to Austin's Championship game! It was an amazing game where the Sidewinders are the Single A Fall Champions!!!
The end score was 13-3.
Austin was the catcher the last inning.
This is not a great picture but here we are in our glory! The coaches too which included me since I was the team Mom, and score keeper.

Austin getting his trophy from his coach. Even Lewis and I got trophies (they are piggie banks).
When we got home the kids and Lewis got a start on our leaves. The kids had a blast playing in the leaves.

This is the tree in our backyard.
From there we went to Ashley's last cheer and they cheered on at the football championship. Her team came in second but they cheered great!

The squad and Coach King.
During half time Katie picked up the pom-poms and had her own cheer session.
So all in all the cheer and baseball season is finally over and Saturdays will finally be a little calmer. Both kids had a blast and Katie is looking forward to being able to participate in the spring sports.


Kristen Taylor said...

Looks busy but fun! We can't wait to come see you guys... YEAH!!

Anna Allred said...

Fun fun! I love the action shot of the kids jumping in the leaves. That's a great picture!

Hope you're having a great time with Mom!

J.A.K said...

Wow! Crazy Busy!! But looks like fun too!

Anna Allred said...

Happy Veteran's Day!! Give Lewis a hug for me! Thank you both for all you do!