Thursday, July 31, 2008

They're Here!!!

What a blessing it is to have my Grandparents here to visit. They came in on Tuesday and get to stay through Austin and Lewis's birthday, and Austin's party. Needless to say we are totally loving having them here.
Grandpa was concerned for our grass that is dying as we kill all the weeds. So the kids decided that they wanted to play outside as we watered it. The idea was for them to ride bikes but it quickly ended up a water game. It was a blast to watch them totally enjoy the water!!!
They really all played nice together, it was so wonderful!


Spencer and AnnaMarie said...

FUN! Can we do that the next time we come up??

rautis2 said...

Looks like a great time and Grandma and Grandpa look so good!!

Anna Allred said...

how fun!! Hope you guys have a blast with Grandma and Grandpa. I think they were packed a week before they left. I know they've been excited to see you guys and it was almost all Grandma could talk about since they bought their tickets!

I love that picture of Ashley hugging Austin from behind. So sweet!

Anna Allred said...

oops...the other way around...Austin getting Ashley!