Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Purple Band Aid

So yesterday I got hungry for a small piece of toast with this awesome french bread that we got at Costco while Evalee and Gary were here. Since it truly is a french bread and way yummy and crusty I had to push harder on the bread knife and ended up nearly slicing the side of my left index finger off. The side was still hanging on and my friend across the street who is a nurse got me all taken care of. The only bad news is that for some reason I couldn't find any band-aides except these ones that are purple and green. The kiddos think that it is cute but it is hard to sew and crochet with a bad finger (let alone type a blog up; thank goodness for spell check).

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Allreds said...

OUCH!! I feel your pain...I recently sliced my finger trying to get an avocado pit out. But hey, we can be scar buddies cuz I have one on my left index finger from when I was really little and tried to saw my way into a vaseline jar with a butter knife. Hope it heals fast for you, busy mama!