Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life's a Picnic

Okay so after a long night of playing games on Friday we come up with the bright idea to go for a picnic Saturday at Burke lake. It sounds great, nice and close and a fun outdoorsie kind of way. Well it would have been better to think that it was Memorial Day weekend. The place was packed!! We finally found a picnic area and shared it with a Muslim youth group. Needless to say it was a blast! We went with our Friends Matt and Jeanette (standing behind Gary and Evalee), and his sister Annamarie and her hubby Spencer (sitting by Lewis and Ash). We also took a friend, Troy, along and he is taking the picture :(
So tell me how many men does it take to light a fire?? Well as many as you have when Matt forgets the matches. We actually found a cigarette lighter and lit it so that we could have hamburgers and hot dogs.

Lewis and Gary discovered that Diet Coke really does explode with the small addition of Mentos. That was really neat but only lasted about 15 seconds.

Ashley and Katie with a little help from Matt and Troy made everyone S'Mores. It was really cool because they added a little twist....a strawberry on top! Way yummo!!! We finally cleaned up and came home. It was a really fun day and EVERYONE enjoyed themselves.

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Spencer and AnnaMarie said...

We could be like Bob Barker's Price of Right beauties showing off THOSE desserts!! You guys are so much fun!! So glad we got to meet you up there. Can't wait til we get up there again. You have a B-E-A-utiful family.
PS. I'm putting you on a link on my page if you don't mind.