Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Girl on the Run

Ashley has been participating in an after school program called "Girls on the Run" and today was her big race. She has been training since March to run a 5k and Lewis was her running buddy. Katie and I went for support and to be a cheering section. Austin was at a camp out with a friend from church so he didn't go.
When we went I had no idea that this program was so large. Katie and I stood at the starting gate and got to watch as all the runners timing chips registered and there were over 4000 runners. All the girls were 3rd-6th graders and then they all had an adult runner with them. It was really awesome to be there and cheer them all on.

Can you find Lewis???
I am so proud of Ashley she had a lot of fun and finished her 5k in just under 50 minutes. After the race we went to Denny's and had some victory pancakes.

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Allreds said...

Way to go Ashley!!

Hahaha...Lewis looks sooo happy in that pic! LOL! That's an awesome daddy-daughter memory right there. How fun!