Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Rides

"Hey Austin will you come out and help me with something?"  That was what we heard one day last week.  You see we have been riding 4-5 days a week as a family this loop around the lake that is about 3 miles.  Well, you see that Austin had out grown his bike and has been riding Ashley's old one; which to say the least he did not like at all.  Lewis and I thought about getting him a new one for his birthday (still to come) but thought that he would like to have it a little early since we do ride so often.
From the moment that Lewis got it out of the car, Austin was on that bike till dark :)
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!
Katie needed a picture too.
And Lewis;  what a goof!!
He and Natalie take a little walk.
She is such a sweetie.
And this is my new ride, and Natters too :)  I totally love this bike and the fact that I am finally finding something active that I like to do.
I think Natters likes it too.
Off we ride into the wild blue yonder :)
By the way if you were wondering where Ash was during all this she was sitting cozy on my bed reading 'Twilight',  yep folks she has officially been sucked in (no pun intended).  She does ride with us on our daily rides though:)

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