Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long Time no See...

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get things up to date here but life has been sooooo crazy!  We went two weeks ago to pick up the kiddos from ABQ and then spent the week there.  I have a ton of pics here so I am sorry that this post is going to last forever but I thought that I would add pics from ABQ too.
We went to a birthday party (Monica 5, and Leah 2),
I got my new camera!!! A Canon 50D.  It is a  MONSTER, and I love it :)
We played "Itsy, Bitsy, Spider".
Took a picture of Jonah.
Read a book.
Listened to Grandpa play some music :)
Met my new niece, Naomi Jean, Love her!!!
Loved this pic of Emily and Naomi!
Took some pics of Naomi once they got home.
Saw some cars in the sand at Cadillac Ranch...
Almost got rained on...
We got home and have been braving out the rain.  Tonight we had a BBQ with our neighbors and met a few others after the fact.  There are a lot of kids on our street and it is so nice that there is a good mix of boys and girls.  The kids are all so excited to ride bikes all the time and meet and play with all the other kids.

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Great photo summary! I just posted a really cute pic of Katie and Leah today too! Will you email me the pics you got of the girls' party?