Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ride

I know that this is a little off topic but it is the last picture that I took at our home in VA.
So on the 6th we took off and started our journey west to Oklahoma.  It was the 6 of us in the Taylor clan, Nana and Jared W. (our wonderful friend that got more than he bargained for by offering to help).
I drove the whole first day so there are no pics till the second :)  I love the iron bridges!
This one was way cool too!  The yellow caravan is us and, it was way too long of a drive.
Katie and Natalie rode with me and Mom, Ashley drove with Lewis and Austin was with Jared.
Any trip is better with a good snack and a DDP :)
Austin and Jared.
Katie (the last two pics were from a stop we made).
On this day, the book saved us.  I love how Natalie reads with her feet too.
Nana was such a great sport, taking the kiddos swimming every night after we stopped.  I know that she was just as tired as the rest of us but she was such a trooper.  
We drove by the Arch..
and Busch Stadium.  And eventually made it to Enid.  I am way excited to get the house in order to show to you all but that will be much later this month. 

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