Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello, Goodbye, and a little Bling!

We Made It!!  We are officially in OK!  This is the front of the house and believe it or not we will get the van in the garage by the end of the week (fingers crossed).
And this is the view out the back door :)  So nice!!!  We have...
a pear tree...
and blackberry bushes in the back.
When it rains (which has been almost everyday)  we have a TON of little frogs.  We even had a brave bigger frog jump into the house Saturday night.
Katie loves all the frogs and have universally named them "Fred".
On Monday the kiddos helped Papa pack up the truck and they went to ABQ for the next few weeks.  And yes those are plastic deer in the neighbors front yard,  hahaha!
Why is it that Lewis can never take a nice picture?!?!
Love you guys!!  Be good for Nana and Papa!!!
The last point of business (sorry for the long post) was that we finally got Natalie's ears pierced.  She was so brave, I think that it had something to do with the sucker she got in the end :)
What a cutie.
She loves to run all over (I think that it has something to do with the three days that she spent in the car to get here).
Without the older kiddos here she has begun helping Daddy with the weeding.  I went to take the camera in and then when I came back she was putting large handfuls of dirt in her mouth :)  Kids Man...


rautis2 said...

wow sounds and looks like moving was big fun! Nice to have lots of extra helpers though!!!

Matt and Jeanette said...

HEY!!! I don't know how many times this week I have thought, "I should call them." Great update! Looks like things went well- the kiddos are off to grandma/pa's and you have an empty house (almost) to set back up!! How is OK? Nice weather? Hot? NIce neighborhood? Has lewis gone back to work? Oh, and Natalie, looks very cute and grown-up with her ears pierced!!