Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally!! :)

What is that? Am I laying on a new quilt? (love that curly new growth from when all my hair fell out?!) I AM!!! I am so excited to announce that I finished my quilt for my bed. I started it in NM and then decided a couple of weeks ago that it would not leave VA unless it was finished. So late on Friday night I finished the last of the binding.

This pillow was a small side project that I completed during the blizzard.

It is nothing grand just a strip quilt but it is done :) I am so excited. It is the only blanket that we have that properly fits our bed since it is an odd size (Olympic Queen).

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emily said...

You did a spectacular job! I LOVE your quilt!! it's beautiful! I bought my fabric and pattern for my own bedspread but have yet to put it together so I'm also jealous that your done!! You should send a picture into a magazine, it's definitely publishable!