Saturday, March 27, 2010

1st Annual FIGG's Pinkwood Derby

I am one of the leaders for Faith in God for Girls in our ward and last night we had a Pinkwood Derby. The girls were to build their cars with their Moms and there were no rules other than nothing could catch on fire.
This picture was all the girls that came on time. We ended up with about 13 girls.

Ashley's car was #12. We had a lot of fun with it. The fun part of no rules was the constant adding of weight during the race. Ashley added a piece of a 2x4 (that was Lewis' idea) and then my cell and Lewis' cell were added.

Ashley won the "Best Use of Materials" award.

It was so great that the families came and supported the girls. All the Dads helped with judging and it was a BLAST. On the way out the girls mobbed me and wanted to make sure that this activity was a yearly event.


rautis2 said...

wow looks like fun. I am sure the girls enjoyed it! Sorry it has taken me so long to comment been a hugely busy week. So why Enid?

Tina said...

It is Lewis' next assignment


How fun!! I may have to suggest that to my buddy. I love the pink and purple cars. Who says girls can't have as much fun as boys? WOOT!