Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Monument-al Day

Today Lewis and Katie went with Chris and Kristen back into DC and checked out the Monuments on the Mall. Since I still felt the effects from yesterdays adventure I stayed home and will run with them tomorrow instead.
First they went to the Washington Memorial.

Cool view from the top!


I like these pics of Lewis with Katie outside the Lincoln Memorial.

Evalee wanted some hanging out pics so I pulled out the camera and took a few. I will take tomorrow night when we decorate the Christmas tree.

Brotherly love. I found out after the fact that the only reason that they were both smiling for me was that they were making weird signs with their hands that I didn't notice.

Ashley and Ryan.

Austin and Ryan.

I couldn't resist this shot. This is Austin's new face that he has been making. Monkey Face!!

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Melissa said...

Lew Lew and Chris are starting to look really old. When did that happen?