Monday, December 15, 2008

Birthday Ninjas

So up until two weeks ago Katie wanted a Little Mermaid party. But out of the blue one day she decides that she wants a Ninja party. I did have a few other ideas for games and what not but once the girls got here Ashley gave a few "ninja lessons" and then there was cake, presents and cupcakes.

The girls all got purple sparkly ninja masks and they totally loved wearing them!

Make a wish!

January got her some Hello Kitty stuff.

Mia gave her a bouncy ball that you hop on.

Kylie got her some kewl wooden/paper dolls.

All the girls (plus Mia's little sister hiding in the background).

The girls had a blast and it was not a crazy mess for me. Katie also enjoyed some other family gifts on Friday and then Daddy came home early and took the family to dinner and ice cream too. Katie declared that this was the best birthday ever!


emily said...

Great party!! Looks like it was lots 'o fun! The next time I see Ashley I would like my own personal Ninja lesson!
Fun fun!! Happy Birthday Katie!

Anna Allred said...

Cute!!! I love the ninja masks!!

Spencer and AnnaMarie said...

A girl wanting a Ninja party??!! *sigh* a girl after my own heart..

she rocks!

Jules said...

HAHAHA! I bet she will look back on that b-day and think that she was such a cool kid! That is an awesome theme for a 5 year old girl!