Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fruits of my Labors

Well the yard has finally gotten to me and I have abandoned that thought to do the backyard first and started to work on trimming up the bushes on Thursday. I have had so many haircuts over the last few days, and the fact that it was my week to teach preschool, I wasn't able to get anything else done till today. I started about nine this morning and finished at about seven this evening. Other than a trip to Home Depot for mulch and more bricks (which they were out) I worked most of the day in the flower bed, Katie helped with the flowers, and then mowing the from lawn. I think that it looks great and I have a great sense of accomplishment that I finished what I set out to do. Hopefully by next weekend I will get the other side done :).

Katie and I planted marigolds and pink petunias in this bed. We had a lot of fun and I think that the dark mulch really looks nice against the house. You can compare the full yard picture to the one that I published in a previous post. I think that it is amazing how much better the yard looks just after mowing it. To me it looks much greener.


Stephanie said...

Your house is gorgeous! And the yard is absolutely fabulous! You and Katie did a great job. :-)

Allreds said...

Beautiful home! I love your pictures!