Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Beginnings

 I realize it has been a long time since an update however, with big family changes happening I thought it only right to start the blog back up.  
This being said I decided that the right place to begin was with our new addition.
Mackenzie joined our family on May the 5th.  Yes I realize that is Cinco de Mayo, and no we are not gonna change her name to Juanita or something like that :)
 She is such a sweet baby and very mellow.  I am hoping that I did not just jinx that.  The only down side to having a baby is that I never end up with the pics I want since I am not the one behind the camera.
 Little girl is three weeks old today and I took these two pictures this afternoon.  I  love that you can see the blue in her eyes (we are really hoping that they stay that way).
Update on the family:  We are beginning to get things de-cluttered in preparation for our move to Japan (still no orders or dates on that one) and the kids are really enjoying the summer.  All of them got great grades and relished in the moment that they could show me and Lewis.  Lewis is one and a half classes away from finishing his Masters degree.  Ashley just finished soccer (her team came in second in the league), and is getting ready for Girls Camp in June.  Austin is getting ready for baseball camp, and is worried that there will be no football in Japan.  Katie is playing softball right now and in love with the sport, she is really thriving on it.  Natalie loves Mackenzie and makes sure to remind me that she is HER baby (remind you of anyone Mom?).  And for me I am finishing up open orders and trying to get into a good grove.  I have given up trying to tame the mane at the back of Mackenzie's head and decided to focus on the de-cluttering instead.  We hope to be visiting ABQ before we go over seas so that we can bless our sweet Peanut before our big move.  I promise to do better at keeping this up!
 All our love and hopefully new family pics coming soon :)

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