Saturday, October 22, 2011

September & far

 Seems like I have been taking a lot of pictures for others lately and not my family.  But I know that a family update is needed.  Austin is still playing football and LOVING it.  He is one good lineman.   These first few pictures are of the Homecoming parade that Ashley marched in.  It was so funny; they just marched around the neighborhood that the school was in and called it a night.  Gotta love a small town!

 Here are the little girls in their "bat caves" (laundry baskets with blankets and pillows), don't ask I have no idea where that came from, during Conference.  Everyone really paid attention and it was a wonderful Conference!

 These 2 pictures were taken the night that my flash came in the mail.  If you know my house you know that the family room is the darkest room in the house.  These were in the evening after scouts and I was pretty happy with myself!  (you will have to ignore that laundry basket in the back, we were having a laundry party)
And I had to add a HUGE thank you to all those that kept my sweet Bear in their prayers, and came to give her blessings this past week.  She had a health scare, we thought that she had appendicitis, and it took a few days once they figured out what was going on for her to even begin to feel better.  I am happy to report that the sweet girl actually ate breakfast this morning and hopefully will continue on the road to recovery (Which I wish would move faster, I hate watching her in pain).