Monday, September 5, 2011

New 4 Monkey

 My friend and neighbor gave me this table and chair set on Saturday.  Little did I know that fixing it up would require 2 trips to each Lowe's and Hobby Lobby,  6 cans of spray paint and a huge lesson in patience. 
 This is the original color that I painted them "raspberry", however since I failed to prime first the wood repelled the paint. grrrr....
 When I went from primer and paint I found that they were out of "raspberry" and had to settle with watermelon, only to learn that for some reason it still wasn't gonna take the paint well. 
 So I have decided that I will not cause myself any more grief (or cans of spray paint) and just call it "rustic".
 About 2 months ago a friend of ours gave us a big girl bed for Monkey.  I wanted to make sure that she was good at sleeping in it before I took down the crib.  I added her table and then the kitchen that she got for her birthday.

"Ahhh!  My Room?  Thanks Mommy!"
Ashley has informed me that this is the ultimate little girls room!