Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

A Mother's Prayer

Help me dear Lord, as a mother, I pray 
And bless these hands folded in prayer today; 
May they be ever strong as they guide, as they teach, 
Being never too far for a child to reach. 
May they never, with selfishness, try to dissuade, 
Nor too quickly punish, nor too slowly aid. 
May they point out the pleasures in laughter and song, 
And may they show, wisely, the right from the wrong, 
So that one day I'll know that I've helped all I can 
To make her a woman, to make him a man.

Love you Mom, Evalee,Grandma Kathy, Big Grandma, Anna, Emily, Elisha, Kristen, and Lydia.

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