Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Day

We woke up and had our Christmas with the kiddos at Chris and Kristen's. It was really nice to have a low key morning.

Traditional stair, and stocking shots.

Natalie had a great first Christmas.

The kiddos each earned $5 and bought gifts for each other. They were so proud of their gifts and it was so sweet to watch them open them.

Katie (and Austin too) got a new mp3 player!

Ashley got some awesome sewing stuff that she had asked for.

After we got ready we went over to Mom and Dad's to spend the day. It was a lot of fun!

Anna and Leah.

Monica got a Tinkerbell Club house

Julie got a cool dolly in a sling.

We spent the day eating and watching movies and of course playing Guitar Hero!

Monica, Mandy, Katie, Elisha, Anna, Ryan, and Lewis played this round.

The end of the day crash :)

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