Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's been Sew Long

I apologize for the tardiness in posting but I have been tackling the pile of fabric pictured above as well as helping teach my friend to sew.

These new baby shoes are my new addictions. They are simple but oh-so-cute! I enlarged the pattern to make a pair for Natalie but they looked like clown shoes, I have tweaked the pattern and am now really happy with it.

Since Natalie is sitting up I wanted to get a cart cover to help keep all the icky bugs out of her mouth. This pattern too was tweaked. I am happy to report that it fits resturant highchairs, regular shopping carts, and even the Costco carts.

These are my new favorite baby blankets. They are fairly simple to make, which is the only way that I can sew lately with Natalie. So as soon as the kiddos get over the tummy bug that they seem to have then I will take and post some new pictures of them.

Side note: Natalie went in for her 6 month appointment on Tuesday and she now weighs 18lbs. 8oz., and is 26 inches long. Such a sweet temperament she has :)



Wow, Natalie weighs the same as Leah! Hahaha, she's a chunky monkey just like Monica was. I love it!

Your projects look great! Can I put in an order for a cart cover? I'll buy the fabric and send it to you.

Tina said...

Sure that sounds great! It comes with a matching bag to stuff it into. I just shove it in the bag that I have my coupons and stuff in. you need 2.5 yards of two different fabrics and then a 45" piece of batting.


Sweet. I'll get on it and see what sales I can find!!

Tina said...

There are awesome sales at JoAnns this week :)

aragog78 said...

Love that owl fabric! Too cute!!