Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Day of Baseball

So after a breakfast of waffles the whole family headed to the Opening Day Little League events. This would turn into an all day event of parades, and games. First all the kiddos lined up with their teams and got to be part of a parade.

This is Katie's team, the Lugnuts.

This is Ashley and Austin's team, the Ironbirds. This is the team that Lewis coaches.

As soon as the opening ceremonies Katie's team had their first game.
Hit that ball!!

Katie rounding home plate.

Katie hurt her finger earlier in the week and it hurt her hand to put her glove on so the coach let her play without it. I guess it works because she assisted in one of only two outs of the game.

Natalie was a trooper! She hung out in the stroller almost all day.

Ashley hit the ball and got on base both times she came up to bat.

Katie had a lot of fun holding Natalie during the game. I thought that it was a truly heavenly view.

Austin as catcher.
Austin up at bat. He totally hit it!!

Each team had a banner. Somehow I ended up in charge of Lewis' team banner (I think it was because he did not ask anyone else). I am going to add an airplane that is on their hats to the space in the middle.

Ashley as catcher.

Run home Austin!!

All in all it was a fun, and long, day. We all survived and both teams won their games!


Kristen Taylor said...

Great job guys!!! All the kiddos look great in their uniforms and they look like they were having fun! :) Miss you all!

emily said...

Wow!! Good job to everyone! Looks like it was a fun day!


FUN FUN! I love that picture of KAtie holding Natalie. So sweet!