Friday, February 27, 2009

February Update

I realize that it has been a long time since I posted so you will have to bear with me and all the new posts. We have gone through a lot this month and things have just been crazy. Ashley has had pneumonia, and Katie had strep. Both girls have been given clean bills of health but Katie is still on inhalers to keep her from coughing, which they say at this point is just allergy related. Lewis went and came back from Tampa and he had a really bad cold too. I think that the only reason I haven't gotten sick is that I am constantly wiping things with Lysol. I joke that Sweet Pea will be born with Lysol running through her veins. The kids are so excited for the baby and we are trying to finish up getting ready. The kids helped to set up the crib and then I just noticed that the picture here you can't even really see it. They were so proud!!!


emily said...

Oh exciting!! It will be nice to have so many helpers! They could each have a shift! Ha ha! yeah right?! They will be great big sisters and brother!!


I agree! This baby will be a breeze, with all her big sisters and brother to help out. I can just see Ashley now, offering to change diapers and burp her.